Monday, February 9, 2009

Dry Kruger Weather Getting You Down? Just add Water!

Giraffe drinking from Khaya Umdani private waterhole
The rainfall during the summer of 2007/2008 was exceptionally dry in the Mpumalanga region and the natural grazing for animals in the south of the Kruger Park was so scarce during the following dry season that animals had to be relocated to save them from starvation. We decided that something had to be done about the situation, so we took a chance and drilled a borehole at Khaya Umdani...

We were very lucky - not only did we find underground water, we found enough of it to irrigate a large area around Khaya Umdani! What a difference it made. The "Khaya Umdani" region transformed into an oasis in the extremely dry bushveld. The abundance of green food and fresh drinking water attracted hoards of wildlife, from zebras and kudu, to tall giraffes. The picture above was taken at Khaya Umdani's private water hole, where animals come to drink regularly.

We've only had the benefit of the borehole for the last two months of the dry season. It is with great anticipation that we look forward to seeing what difference it will make during the dry winter months of 2009. Khaya Umdani offers luxury Kruger Accommodation in Marloth Park.

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  1. I am planning a trip to Kruger Park in 2011. People I have spoken to suggest I go in August during the dry winter season when the grass is low and animals are all flocking to the waterholes in mornings and evennings.

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