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Mozambique: Interesting facts and information:

On the southeastern coast of Africa you will find this beautiful and diverse paradise. Mozambique boasts a pristine coastline of 2 500 kilometers. Mozambique, formerly a Portuguese colony has become the playground of both South African and International tourists. With its island vibe, various island, coastal resorts and luke warm water, this is no wonder.
Maputo, situated in the south, is the capital of Mozambique. Although English is widely spoken at the various resorts, Portuguese is the official language.

The Zambezi and Limpopo, two of Southern Africa's longest rivers, flow through Mozambique. The Rovuma river forms the northern border with Tanzania. Lake Malawi forms the border with Malawi. Inland you'll find savannah and woodlands, forests and various mountains. This area is famous for trees like hardwoods, acacia and papaya. Animals include the endangered black rhino. The hot and rainy season is from October to March with the average temperature around 31 degrees. Between April and September is the dry season with daily temperatures up to 27 degrees along the coastal regions.

No vaccinations are required when visiting Mozambique, but malaria remains a problem and one should take care. Consult your doctor of Pharmacist, otherwise use Tabard or Peaceful Sleep.

The currency is Metical, however US Dollars and South African Rands are also accepted.

Maputo is a vibrant and cosmopolitan city. Roads have been tarred, running water and electricity have been restored, and a lot of development is taking place since the end of the civil war. There are several places of interest like the Roman Catholic Cathedral, Fresh Seafood Market, numerous hotels and interesting restaurants. One of the famous restaurants in Maputo are Casa do Sol, situated next to the beach. Here you can enjoy fresh seafood and Pao every day. Pao is a traditional bread roll.

Daily flights from JHB, makes this a very popular and easily reachable destination.

Mozambique is world renowed for its beautiful islands :

Ilha Da Inhaca: situated in the bay of Maputo, just 40 km from the capital
Inhambane : situated 485 km north of Maputo
Vilankulo : 800km north of Maputo
Bazaruto Archipelago : opposite Vilankulo lies a chain of 5 small islands. 25 000 years ago they broke away from the Africa continent to form the Archipelago. In 1971 this islands were declared a National Park.

On these beautiful islands are various resorts and lodges. Barra Lodge, Flamingo Bay Water Lodge, Marlin Lodge, Benguerra Lodge, to name only a few.

The northern parts of Mozambique are famous for its sandy white beaches, coconut palms and turquoise blue water. Activities includes, snorkeling, fishing, scuba etc.

The local population are friendly people and love showing tourists there breathtaking country. Mozambique is definitely worth a visit!

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