Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Sun City - Mozambiquan Food to die for !!

Do you love peri peri prawns and chicken?

If you answer YES to this answer, then SUN CITY is the place to visit!

Sun City is located in the small village of Casa Maria, just 3 km from the border post of Mozambique and only 20km from Khaya Umdani. This typical Portuguese tavern with its traditional dishes is well worth a visit. The atmosphere takes you away from the usual artificial tourism driven restaurants into the center of the local African-Portuguese community's heartthrob. At prices affordable to the locals and surely very cheap to any outsider you get t
he traditional recipes freshly prepared and served in huge portions in a fashion that will give you a fresh perspective on hospitality.

Just 1km away from Sun City you'll find the local bakery that supply the freshest Pao bread on a daily bases. Worth a visit as well.

The only hurdle for easy access to Sun City will be the border post which sometimes can take quit a while. This can be overcome by organizing a guided trip to Sun City by contacting Leon on 0843663664. This should expand your time for enjoyment by up to 2 hours.

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