Friday, October 26, 2012

Making the best of bad weather!

Organising activities during the rainy summer months in Mpumalanga can be quite a tricky exercise. Although the temperature during the months of November to March always makes one beg for some sort of relief in the form of shade provided by clouds or some natural clean cool water pouring from the sky, nobody that I know of will enjoy going on a hike during a downpour. Camping out with the bare essentials could also be robbed of most enjoyment by consistent rain and muddy feet and shoes. Dirt roads in Kruger are generally shut down during bad weather conditions and game viewing are extremely less enjoyable when you have to peep from behind closed windows at flocks of impala standing all shrugged up with their backsides to the falling rain.

All this can be overcome or at least eased out a bit by good planning. Our agreement with Kruger National Park is of such that if we should need to cancel an activity due to bad weather, they give us credit. Even if we cancel the activity with the specific guest group we can still do it weeks later with other guests. We still like to be well prepared as an activity missed could be a great disappointment for people that traveled for days over thousands of miles to get here. We are not good at weather forecasts ourselves. Since growing up in the Western Cape with it's ever changing and extreme weather conditions, where a misjudgement could have you in a life threatening position, we did  some research!

What we discovered is:

These guys can see in the future! We'll keep them to their word and if they do not fail us long enough we'll ask them for the lotto numbers!

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