Sunday, April 8, 2012

Marloth Park and Beyond: Road trip to Marloth Park

Marloth Park and Beyond: Road trip to Marloth Park

We left Malmesbury at about 15h00 on Monday afternoon. We experieced the homebound Easter traffic in it's worst form for the first two and a half hours,...... fortunately hardly anybody travelling the same direction as us.
We spent the first night at the Far Hills Country Hotel just north of George. Very  reasonable and certainly much more than what the average traveler would be happy with.
Fuel consumption for the first day were surprisingly good. Yesterday took us through an all day gruelling trip all the way up to Port Shepstone. The unfortunate thing is that the part of the road that are the most beutifull scenery were in a fair amount of chaos due to some much needed road works. Traffic was hectic and fuel consumption even worse. It is never a good idea to travel through the Transkei just to get through it. We aim to cut the planned 'road trip' short and hope to arrive at Khaya Umdani by late afternoon today.

Road trip to Marloth Park

Danie and me are planning a road trip to Marloth Park. We are planning on leaving this coming Tuesday. We will try to make daily posts to the blog so that you guys can follow our whereabouts.
Really looking forward to it. Have not visit Marloth this year and really misses the bush and all the animals.

Watch this space!