Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Matsamo Cultural Village

The Matsamo Cultural Village is yet another one of our very diverse cultural experiences in Southern Africa. It is situated just outside the border post on the SA side at Jeppes Reef between Swaziland and South African.Matsamo is approximately 50km from the Kruger National Park, on the R570 National road.

Scenic South African Lowveld with unique bio-diversity ranging from mountainous forests to typical lowveld bush.

Warm sunny climate with temperatures varying from September to April in summer between 15 degrees Celsius t night and 36 degrees Celsius during midday. Winters, May to August are especially pleasant with temperatures varying between 5 degrees Celsius at night and 25 degrees Celsius during midday.

Spending time at Matsamo is to share quality time with South Africans in a real African environment enjoying the good things of life presented passionately with real South African excellence. The food, the folk music & dance, the atmosphere, all fuse together into a unique experience, African Quality at its best.

The people residing in the various rural villages around Matsamo is predominantly Swazi in custom, tradition and language with a strong Sotho influence and has a well preserved and rich cultural heritage. They are part of the Shongwe clan, once a strong independent group with its own paramount King who in the time of King Mswati II swore allegiance to the Swazi King and helped defend the territory against intruders from the North. As part of the reward for his allegiance and loyalty, Chief Matsamo remained in control of the region as an important Swazi Royalty and absorbed the Sotho clans who lived in the area into his clan. “KA HHOHHO” a folk song, today still frequently sung by the community during festivities, tells the story about the Sotho Clansmen protesting against this Swazi absorption.

Day Tours to our Village

Tourists visiting the park go on a guided tour through the villages, are treated to folk dance and other cultural performing arts and enjoy food and refreshments in the village or in the restaurants. Approximately one hour must be allowed for a tour and at least one and a half hours when a meal is included.

At our Restaurant

The alfresco restaurant “African Theatre”, set in true African aesthetics is nestled in a peaceful setting with cobbling water and a panoramic view. It has two covered wings, each seating 65 people and an open-air terrace seating 70 people. For functions 300 people can be accommodated.

The restaurant “Edladleni” can seat 60 people and is available for private groups.

Buffet breakfast is served 7 days a week from 7h00 until 11h00 and buffet lunch blended with a taste of Afrika from 12h00 to 15h30.


On your arrival, you will be welcomed by one of our well groomed guides and accompanied to Emvelo, our traditional African homestead. Here we enjoy sharing a taste of Africa's own traditions and customs with our guests. Around the fire at the lidladla ( traditional kitchen), we recall old customs and marvel at the harmony between man and nature in traditional societies. Between the talking and laughter, we enjoy a taste of a variety of interesting traditional dishes.

When the night settles firmly around us it is time for the unforgettable folk dance and music.

Yes, you will experience the best of African Folk dance and music and join in the fun and dance with us. You will feel the rhythm, the joy and the passion with which Africans entertain and play.

After an entertaining hour, it is time for an African barbeque feast with a variety of meats, pap ( a thick porridge made of maize ), jack potatoes, salads and many more dishes to enjoy.

The evening is rounded off with desserts, cheese and biscuits with coffee or tea.

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